Uploading/Managing Images

In the Administration Panel of your site, in the left side, under "Management", click on "Image Manager".

This option will open a new window where you can upload your imagens.

1. Click "Add Files" and choose an image from your computer. Select only image in jpg, gif or png.

2. Click on "Start Upload" to upload the images.

3. Wait until the upload is complete.

4. Click in "FOLDER - View Images" on the Top to access to all of your Images.
In this new window you can see the Code and URL of the Images. Then you should copy the link of the imagem, which is below the "Image Address".

If you want to delete an image click on the link "Delete this Image".

WARNING: Do not delete the images you are using on your website. Delete only those images that do not use in the site.

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