Change Background

1. To change the background of your website, click in "Change Background" on the left side, below the "Style".

1. This option eliminates the current background. And the template goes to the original background.

2. Here you can choose between various types of background:
One color - allows you to select a solid color as a background.
Gradient - lets you choose between some gradient colors.
Image as Background - choose a shade of color as background and then select the image you like best. There are a lot of available Images.
Others Styles - various types of background images available to choose.

3. Here you can Upload your own Background. Just click "Browse", choose the image from your computer and then click "Upload Image". The image should not be more than 20kb.

4. Here you can put the URL of an image to be the same as the background of your website. In "Image URL" enter the full address of the image (eg and then click "Apply Image".

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