Creating a Form

You can create a contact form for your website by clicking on "Enable/Change", on the left side under "Forms". This option also serves to change the form.

To remove the form created, you must click on the "Remove".

In the first part, you must select the Form Fields. Three of these fields are already pre-selected. The Name and Email are required for a possible response on your part. And the Verification Code (Captcha) avoid sending SPAM to your email. Select the others according to what you need.

In the second part, you should Write a Message that will be appear to the user after submitting the form. A message is already configured by default. You can change this message as you wish.

In the third and last part, you must enter an Valid Email to receive the messages. You can only put an email.

Finally, to activate the form, click on "Enable/Change".

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