Register a Free Website

This tutorial will help you create a Free Website an, explaining all the steps necessary.

To create a free website you should go to this site and click on the option “Create Free Website”.

By choosing the option "Create Free Website" you will be redirected to the registration page (Image 1).

(Image 1)

1. In "Username" you should put the name for your website. After choosing the name you will see if the username is Available or Unavailable. In this case we chosen the name "demo", where the final address will be "".
In the "Password" write the password to access the administration panel (builder). We advise you not choose a password too easy.

2. At the "Personal Information" you should put your First and Last Name.
Then write your EMail. You should confirm your email in the field below.
Finally, choose your Country.

3. You must accept the "Terms of Use" to complete the registration of your free website.

4. After all completed click "Create Website".

We will sent to your email your login (username and password) and many useful information for your website.

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